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Dear Friends


Be part of the BIGGEST ONLINE FOOD and MUSIC Community


Trudging along the pavement, Pappou (As Greek Grandfathers are known) was frozen, exhausted, starving and quite desperate. But he would not give up. He had responsibilities. Ever since the air-crash had taken the lives of his son and daughter-in-law, he had taken on the task of looking after his grandson who had just been diagnosed with diabetes. It was essential that he find some chicken as the child had to eat regularly. His meagre pension had not arrived and his small surplus of savings had long finished. He was too ashamed to ask his neighbours for help.

He knew, while on route home from another fruitless journey to the bank, that the solution to Panayiotis’ hunger lay inside the supermarket he had just passed. He went in, and trembling with fear at what he was about to do, looked around for the smallest portion of chicken and very quickly, hid it under his shirt. Just as he reached the entrance, a burly security guard stood before him and searched him. The €4 packet of chicken was quickly discovered; 75 year old Pappou was handcuffed and led away by the police.

This true story has a good ending thanks to the power of social media. His sentence, and the lack of empathy from an extremely wealthy store-owner, coupled with over-zealous police action, led to a social media outrage from the community. Everybody was shocked and angry at the lack of compassion which eventually reached the Attorney General, who promptly asked the President to pardon Pappou.

It could be any one of us in Pappou’s shoes.

Things can go terribly wrong and in a flash, you’ve lost your job or business and you’re teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.

We all know somebody who is less fortunate than us.

The SCJ Foundation is launching the #365DaysOfKindnessCyprus and wants YOU to be part of the biggest online Food and Music Community across America, London, Australia, Greece and South Africa to create a GUINESS WORLD BOOK OF RECORDS.

What is it all about?

Pappou’s story shows us that if we all work together, we can spread love, kindness and generosity and make the world a better place NOW and for our children.

We believe that YOU understand this. IT IS POSSIBLE!!

#365DaysOfKindnessCyprus is a community of food and music lovers across Cyprus, USA, UK, Greece, Australia and South Africa where there are large Cypriot communities.

Food and Music is essential for the BODY and SOUL

We will begin the kindness by entering YOU in a draw to WIN:


  • FREE meals for a YEAR in Cyprus for yourself or a friend in a restaurant in your region!!
  • FREE tickets to ALL the Cyprus Symphony Concerts in your town!!
  • FREE Grocery Shopping Vouchers for a YEAR valued at over €600!!
  • FREE Cruise around the Greek Islands departing from Cyprus
  • Contributor to various charities in Cyprus including the LC Positive Voice, the Diabetes Association and Autism Association.

Our efforts will not end there! Annual Plans include:

  • Fully paid scholarship for a Cypriot Young Chef to have one week practical experience in a top Restaurant in South Africa
  • Fully paid scholarship for a post-graduate Cypriot Musician to have one week of master-classes in London
  • Support of the Cyprus International Food Festival
  • Support to the Apollon International Arts Festival

Anybody with the criteria will be able to apply for the scholarships which will be awarded by a secret draw of all suitable candidates.

More questions???

What if I don’t live in CYPRUS?

If you live in the USA, UK, Greece, Australia or South Africa, you can be part of the online community and our WORLD attempt. For our launch, we only have offers which can be claimed in Cyprus, but by April, hope to expand to all the other countries. #365DaysOfKindnessCyprus

What if I don’t know anyone in Cyprus?

Should you win a prize, we can find you a recipient or you can nominate a charity close to you.

Does it cost anything?

If you just want to be part of the GUINESS WORLD BOOK of RECORDS attempt, it is FREE to join. You will NOT however, be included in the draw. Our aim to have over 1 million people for the Guiness World Book of Records has to be achieved by 1 December 2018.

If you want to be PART of the FABULOUS DRAW, we are asking for just €5 per annum! If you can donate more, we will be able to give more! We have very few administrative expenses, so all the funding goes back into the projects we have outlined.

When will the draws take place?

14 February 2018 – with one win per person. We will then make the next draw in April 2018, July 2018, September 2018 and November 2018.

What if I have my own company and want to spread #365DaysOfKindnessCyprus?

All company owners should contact the SCJ Foundation directly by email

How else can we be part of the #365DaysOfKindnessCyprus?

It’s easy - do something for someone else. A smile can often go a long way! As Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Compliment a friend, open the door for someone, give a stray dog some food, offer to take a photo for a tourist, pay for the next person’s parking spot you’ve just vacated..the list is endless and YOU will make a difference to someone else’s day and to your own! Try it and see how GOOD YOU FEEL!

We have started a FaceBook page #365DaysOfKindnessCyprus to go viral and urge everyone to keep in touch and see how our community is growing to be the BIGGEST and LARGEST!

Are you ready to be PART of #365DaysOfKindnessCyprus?

Yes? Great – Just CLICK HERE


I want to be part of the #365DaysOfKindnessCyprus to be the biggest online Food and Music Community across Cyprus, USA, UK, Australia, Greece and South Africa.

Your Name:




Donation Amount: (tick the appropriate box)

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⃝ €2 ⃝ €5 ⃝ €10* ⃝Other amount _____

*All Donations of €10 and above will also receive a FREE ticket to the Tango Show of the Apollon International Arts Festival in November 2018. This offer is valid only for the first 300 entries.



The SCJ Foundation is registered in Cyprus with HE352756.




*Subject to sufficient funds being received